Best Yogurt in Dallas by Far | Jacqueline W.

Update this is by best yogurt place in Dallas by far. Yumilicious has went down hill. I Heart Yogurt is consistently amazing!!!! They had a good selection of yogurt from original tart to pomegranate orange. You can sample as much as you like, I ended up going for the cookies and cream, cal strawberry, and Tahitian vanilla topped with m&m's, almond slivers, strawberries, and mangoes. One thing I didn't like was the fact that they only offered one giant cup size. The atmosphere is cute and everything is self serve (which is a huge plus) then they weigh your cup and charge you .40 cents per ounce. So it consistently amazing and it's the only place I go now!


My frozen yogurt world has officially been rocked | Tricia S.

Well damn.  My frozen yogurt world has officially been rocked.  I thought Yogilicious was king but now I'm a bit torn.  I stopped into I Heart Yogurt on my way home from work today and am already planning my return!

It had a few negatives, which I'll get out of the way here: the biggest one was the service, or lack thereof.  There was one young girl working there who was texting on her phone the ENTIRE time I was there.  She yelled hello in a sing-songy voice whenever someone walked in, but never looked up from her phone.  I went to go ask her for sample cups (I fully intended on trying ALL the samples) and she didn't look up when she gave them to me.  Or when I paid.   It had a totally different feel...not ridiculously crowded like Yogilicious was the last time I went in (good lord) but more like a place rich moms go after a workout or with their daughters.  Also, of course, I can't walk to it like I can to Yogilicious.  And they didn't have Taro.

On to the's self service, just like Yogilicious.  40! (not 35 like I originally thought) cents an ounce.   The flavors were all great except a orange/tangerine sorbet that was pretty weird--the color (and taste) of orange Triaminic.  Let's see how many I can remember:

1. Belgian dark chocolate - tasted like an extra chocolatey frostee
2. Swiss milk chocolate - tasted like an extra creamy frostee
3. California strawberry - tasted like strawberry milk
4/5. French & Italian espresso - both good, I liked Italian better, but not sure why they needed two espressos
6. Cookies n' Cream - meh, didn't really taste like either
7. Green tea - really tart and really good! 
8. Tahitian vanilla - really good vanilla flavor
9. Pomegranate - another tart one, really tasty
10. Peanut butter - yum
11. Italian(?) original - supertart plain, double yum! (haven't decided which place does it best)

I mixed the plain, green tea, and pomegranate for a medley of delicious tartness, and added fruity pebbles, yogurt chips, almonds, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries, pineapples, and grapefruit for $5.75.  

It was way more than I usually get but I kinda felt bad for spending like 10 minutes trying all the flavors.  I would love to mix the belgian dark chocolate and peanut butter next time and top it with bananas...mmm.  If I can ever force myself to get something other than a tart flavor, that is.

Also, all their containers/packaging (they have lids and bags if you want to take your fro-yo to go) are biodegradable.

So, I guess now my favorite froyo place just depends on what part of town I'm in.  I'm still partial to Yogilicious because I feel like it's a more homey/neighborhood place, but this is some serious competition.  You have to try it!


I will be back! | Cristy P.

Please make me stop. OH GAWD. I can't stop!!!
That was me at I Heart Yogurt yesterday.
My roommate and I had never been to a self serve place and why not?! 
The flavors were great and the toppings abundant.
I loved the Tahitian vanilla and green tea. Both were amazing. The green tea was just tart enough. Roomie mixed kiwi with green tea and said it was serendipity of how good it was. 
I sprinkled fruity pebbles and mochi pieces on mine. Um, for the win?
The cups are HUGE so portion appropriately, that 40 cents an ounce thing adds up quick. I got a great amount of yogurt and toppings for $4.50. I think its pretty safe to say that I heart I Heart Yogurt  and I will be back!


One word: HEART | Sungei V

I came here after watching a flick next door and didn't know what I was about to embark on.  Now I have been to Pinkberry, Red Mango and a few other froyo places. But NONE of them have the flavors down like this place does.  Yes its pricey but what froyo place isn't? I love the self servewall of froyo and the very freshest toppings! I only wish they had one closer to me :(


Just thinking about it gets my mouth watering!

One Word: HEART!


my favorite culinary discovery | Aly Y

This is my favorite culinary discovery of 2010 so far.

Here's how it works:
You go in, grab a bowl and saunter up to one of the many self-serve frozen yogurt machines. You can choose just one flavor, or you can mix & match and fill your bowl with every color imaginable. (The latter is more likely. There are too many tasty flavors to pass up!)

Then you head to the toppings bar. There you can add candy (gummi bears, butterfinger, reeses, sprinkles), cookies, fresh fruit (kiwi, strawberries) and more!

The cashier will weigh your froyo bucket, and you pay per ounce. 

The flavors are plentiful. My favorites are the Orange-Tangerine (tastes like a dreamsicle) and Cookies & Cream (amazing.)

Best thing about this dessert - only 22 calories per ounce! A great treat if you're on a diet, and living in crazy hot Texas in the summer.